Join us for U5 (aka. Timbits) programming this 2022-2023 season!

YMH welcomes players to join us in our U5 division (also knowns as Timbits), this upcoming hockey season - for players born in 2018 or later.

This once a week, thirty (3) minute program runs each Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:00 pm at the Yorkton Kinsmen Arena, from October 5th thru March 1st (there are some missed Wednesdays through the season - and participants are notified when this occurs).

Players must be registered using this link:

Players are to be on the ice with, at minimum, a helmet (with cage) and skates. 

It is recommended that players also come with shin pads, hockey socks, elbow pads, gloves, hockey stick, and support cup/ pelvic protector.

Optional equipment includes: hockey pants, shoulder pads, neck guard, and hockey bag.

If you are in search of equipment, be sure to make an appointment at the Yorkton Sports Equipment Bank.

Parents are welcome to be on the ice with the participants – but MUST be wearing both a helmet and skates.